Birds of Idaho

Did you know that over 400 species of bird can be found in Idaho?  From forests to desert, grassland to canyon, river to lava fields, the habitats for birds in Idaho is abundant.  Not all our birds stay here year-round, but Idaho is vital for our many migrants as they move between summer and winter grounds.  Some birds come here just to breed while others take refuge here from the harsher northern climates each winter. 

Please click the links below for downloadable species checklists:

Idaho Statewide Checklist            Southwest ID Bird Checklist

GEAS is lucky to have some incredible photographers as members, and some have given permission to share their great work. Please enjoy some of their photos below that illustrates some of the beauty and diversity of our birds.  

burrowing owl
lazuli bunting
american white pelican
western meadowlark
dusky grouse
long billed curlew
calliope hummingbird
barred owl

Thanks to Mike Morrison for sharing his photos!  He has hundreds of beautiful bird shots and landscape for view on his Flickr page.

Species from top left to bottom right: Burrowing Owl, Osprey & Eastern Kingbird, Lazuli Bunting, American Pelican, Western Meadowlark, Dusky Grouse, Long-billed Curlew, Calliope Hummingbird, and Barred Owl.

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